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Established in 1989, we have consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the industry, proudly serving as pioneers who revolutionized the textile world. Our crowning achievement, the groundbreaking TTC 300, stands as the world’s first patented transfer paper. This transformative invention not only symbolizes a significant milestone in our journey but has also redefined the very essence of personalizing white T-shirts and fabrics.

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We approach our work with joy, passion, and creativity. This enthusiasm permeates through our team, resonates with our customers, and extends to our suppliers. We remain agile, continuously adapting to the market and discerning needs through attentive listening to customer feedback.


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Our history


The start of TheMagicTouch®

Our former CEO Juergen Hagedorn – a smart talented, creative built the company from the bottom, to now a recognised global, and familiar company.


The first patented transfer paper

The TTC 300 is the world’s first patented image transfer for electrostatic dry toner copiers/printers. This was one of the first milestones we achieved by protecting our great invention.


TTC 300 was a major succes!

The personalisation market picked up rapidly and with the start of TTC 300 for the color/copier CL1 the idea of a photo on a T-shirt got international attention and recognition.


The Quickprint Industry Awards

We got the Canon Colour Copy Awards for creating extra possibilities with transferpapers by just using a colour copy machine. This is when we got promoted as pioneers in the industry.


TheMagicTouch® OBM 5.6

The demand for dark garments was the next mileston for TheMagicTouch. A year  later, we invented a white, thin coated transfer paper for dark garment.


TheMagicTouch® DCT 4.5

Niche markets in specific countries asked for more options then just textile transfers. We started with a waterslide decal to decorate candles and expanded to so much more.


TheMagicTouch® CPM 6.4

At this time, our portfolio started to become the first and widest variaty of options. With TheMagicTouch® CPM 6.4, personalising on hard surfaces was recognised and it opened great, new opportunities.


Industry-first white dry toner printer

OKI Europe and TheMagicTouch have won two trophies for the ground-breaking C711WT from OKI Europe, the first colour LED printer with white toner was added to the established CMY colour process.


MagiCut® Heat Transfer Vinyl

We started making superfast, high quality HTV as we saw things could be highly improved with speed in mind. From experts in transferpapers we developed an even wider role for wholesale.


Best Image Transfer Product

At the Eurotrophex show in Amsterdam, we introduced TheMagicTouch® RST 9.1 which has made it possible to personalise wood and cork products.


DyeSub Magic® sublimation papers

To grow our role as a wholesaler we started selling sublimation papers under a new brand: DyeSub Magic®. Resulting in a premium full colour, photographic quality image.


DTF Magic®

With the growing Direct to Film (DTF) market, we started with a hot peel DTF film with safe and secure material to provide our customers with the highest quality product in the market.