Customer Service

Customer Service


If you have a valid VAT number and are located outside The netherlands, we do not charge VAT

Check here what kind of notification is displayed in the Track & Trace link and contact: + 31 (0) 88-5503350. Keep your parcel number ready.

Equipment under 28 kg will be sent by GLS as a package. For equipment above 30 kg we give a quote including transport, this depends on the country you come from.

We have special price agreements for purchases of a certain amount or per a specific number, which are purchased in larger quantities. Take a look at the price agreements page.

Yes, more information can be found on the website of GLS.

We are happy to help you. Fill in the form below and the support department will respond as soon as possible.

Most items are available from stock. Some items and the textile category have a delivery time of 2-3 working days.The delivery times are always listed on the product page.

TheMagicTouch is an inventor, manufacturer and leading supplier of various printing systems to personalize (blank) products yourself. Simply put, wholesale in the printing industry. Why TheMagicTouch? We have a wide range, our own brands and more than 30 years of great support in different languages. We have an extensive customer base with customers in almost every industry imaginable. We deliver throughout Europe, all to get you up and running as quickly as possible

Yes, we do not deliver to consumers (B2C) and are aimed at companies (B2B), foundations, associations, schools and government agencies.

You can register on the registration page. Fill in the form with your valid VAT number, click on the Create Account button and you will immediately receive an automatic confirmation to the specified email address. After that, you can log in directly with your own username or email address and the password of your choice.


If an item is eligible for a price scale, this is indicated with the product. The price quantity discount is automatically applied in the shopping cart. Each product has its own unique article number. This means that if a product such as flex foil or a T-shirt has multiple colors, dimensions and / or sizes, the scale is calculated per unique article number. Because it is an automated process, it is therefore not possible, for example, to add up different sizes of the same type and color of textile item for a higher volume discount.

The status of your order will be displayed in your account. Of course, it is possible that your web order has not been received for a technical reason.Then you will not receive a confirmation by e-mail. In that case, please contact us.

That’s annoying. Check that the coupon code is still valid, that you didn’t make any mistakes when entering it and that you haven’t already used it. If it still doesn’t work, contact us and we will get to work for you right away.

A sincere apology. You can bet we’ll go right after it to fix this. To find out where things went wrong, please fill in the form below and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Yes, if your order has not yet been shipped, we can of course merge it for you on the same working day, Keep in mind that the shipping costs are calculated per order and do not expire due to the merging

There are different criteria for this. Contact us or call: + 31 (0) 23-5483100.

Country – 1-9 kg 10-19 kg 20-29 kg 30-50 kg
Danmark € 9,95 € 13,95 € 17,95 € 29,95
Estonia € 14,95 € 19,95 € 29,95 € 49,90
Finland € 16,95 € 21,95 € 29,95 € 51,90
Bulgaria € 14,95 € 19,95 € 29,95 € 49,95
Greece € 12,95 € 14,95 € 24,95 € 39,90
Andorra € 39,95 € 49,95 € 59,95 € 95,95
Croatia € 14,95 € 19,95 € 29,95 € 49,90
Latvia € 14,95 € 19,95 € 29,95 € 49,90
Lithuania € 14,95 € 19,95 € 29,95 € 49,90
Luxembourg € 12,95 € 16,95 € 19,95 € 36,90
Malta € 14,95 € 19,95 € 27,95 € 47,90
Monaco € 9,95 € 12,95 € 17,95 € 29,90
Austria € 9,95 € 12,95 € 17,95 € 29,90
Poland € 7,95 € 13,95 € 17,95 € 31,90
Portugal € 14,95 € 19,95 € 29,95 € 49,90
Slovania € 12,95 € 16,95 € 24,95 € 41,90
Slovakia € 12,95 € 14,95 € 24,95 € 39,90
Serbia € 39,95 € 49,95 € 69,95 € 119,90
Czech Republic € 12,95 € 14,95 € 24,95 € 39,95
Sweden € 14,95 € 19,95 € 26,95 € 43,90

Yes, please contact us within 30 minutes to change your order. After that, unfortunately, that is no longer possible. The reason for this is that your order will be processed immediately.

You can place an order in different ways

Website: After registration, you can order directly when you are logged in.

Email: Send your order by email : [email protected].

Phone: Call our team:  + 31 (0) 23-5483100.

Showroom: Place an order on the spot and take it with you right away.

According to our terms and conditions of sale, equipment and items from the textile category cannot be returned. Other products can be returned in consultation if there is an acceptable reason to return them. The return costs are at all times at the expense of the buyer.


The track & trace link is sent automatically by GLS, maybe the email ended up in your spam. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us by phone or email and have your order number ready.

The instructions for secure shipping can be found in the return slip you received from us.

Check here what kind of notification is displayed and contact: + 31 (0) 88-5503350. Have your parcel number ready.

Equipment under 30 kg will be sent by GLS as a package. Equipment over 30 kg is on request. We will inform you about the possibilities per country and per weight.

We regret this, because we do everything we can to package your products in the best possible way. We will, of course, report this to GLS. If a product is no longer usable, please fill in the form below:

If your product is no longer usable, you can fill in the form below:

We ship with GLS. More information can be found on the website of GLS.

This despends on the country. Please contact us for consultation.


Yes, the warranty is always free of charge if it is under the manufacturer warranty conditions. The shipping costs are not covered by the warranty.

Yes, that is definitely recommended. Please refer to the supplied conditions of the product.

Despite the fact that you no longer have a guarantee, we are happy to help you. Please contact our customer service for this.

This depends on the make and model. Please contact us.

How annoying. Fill in the form below:

This depends on the supplier’s manufacturer’s warranty. And is stated in the warranty conditions you have received.


Yes, you can pay cash in our showroom, only with Euro 50,00 notes.

As soon as we have shipped your order, we will always send the invoice by e-mail. In your account on our website you find an order overview. Do you have questions about your invoice? Please contact our administration.

You will receive a credit within 72 hours.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made immediately.

How annoying. This is most likely due to a malfunction of the bank in question. We advise you to take a look at the status of your order in your account. If it says that it failed, try to make the payment again.

That depends on which country you place an order from. The options are shown in the shopping cart. In general we work with iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Visa, Master Card and Paypal. You can always transfer the amount by bank transfer, if you want we can also send you a link with a payment request.


We offer professional training to help you get started as quickly as possible. You can choose in what which training suits the best. 1. Online, these highly efficient training courses are very competitively priced. 2. In our showroom in Heemstede, the Netherlands, where we would like to meet you and take a little longer.

Yes. This is free of charge if you have questions about the processing, application and implementation of our range. IT related questions such as: Help with installation, updates and files are not included. For this we offer remote assistance.

Yes. The Teamviewer program gives us the opportunity to take over your computer and watch it directly. Of course after approval from you.

The manuals of the products can be found on the relevant product page. Use the search bar in the header to navigate to the product quickly and hassle-free. Printer settings, plotter settings, blogs, terms and advice can be found in our helpcenter.