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Unlock Your Creative Potential with Our Personalization Accessories Collection. Explore a Range of High-Quality Accessories to Elevate Your Customization Projects. From Tools to Embellishments, Discover Everything You Need to Add a Personal Touch. Shop Now and Turn Ordinary Items into Extraordinary Creations!

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The Cappers elements guarantee a seamless fit on a wide variety of cap models available in the market. Compatible with both the HTP501 and HTP603 2-in-1 cappers.

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Professional universal 45° knife. Absolute A-quality to replace the blade in the NT cutter 1000 weeding tool.

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The Roland wiper head felt VS-640 is employed in the Roland BN20, BN20A, BN20-D or SG2 Truevis printer/cutters.

The TechAir compressor is the perfect silent 24-liter addition to an HTP728 heat press to provide a constant air pressure level.

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A handy professional weeding tool with two attachment pieces to peel excess flex and vinyl films.

A squeegee is often used, for instance, to smooth out vinyl when applying it to windows, cars or other hard and flat surfaces.

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A piece of red felt, used in combination with the red squeegee, serves as a protective measure against scratches and damage.

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The 5 way tool is a very important trim tool. The thick plastic blade makes this 5-fold tool an ideal spacer holder for the circumferential edge.

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The doming work surface is a handy worktop for creating and storing domes, allowing for easy stacking with the rubber caps.

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The fusion handle 5 inch is a holder for the Blue Max Blade Beveled squeegee. Due to its light weight and good grip, this tool is pleasant to use.

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The MagiCut Classic Weeding Tool is perfect for Daily Peeling of Flex and Vinyl Films, and Popular for Its Competitive Pricing.

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Pack of 10 Mixer tips, ensure precise control when applying resin and are used in combination with the 75 ml mixers.

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Liquid Lens Mixers, also called nozzles are used with a Doming Gun and ensure accurate placement of the resin on the printable stickers.

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The resin applicator is a holder for Liquid Lens Resin Cartridges, available in 75ml and 200ml.

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The Liquid Lens Advanced² doming patterns are made of a high-quality polyurethane resin for making high-quality personalized domes.

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The Silhouette CAMEO 4 Dust Cover has been developed as a dust cover for the Silhouette CAMEO.

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The Olfa 9 mm breaking knife SVR-2 is a professional breaking knife made of stainless steel with an automatic lock.

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With its sharp tip, the Olfa 9 mm graphic chipping knife SAC-1 is the best-selling cutting knife for the sign makers.

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A professional ruler with wide anti-glijsstrip at the bottom to ensure that the ruler stays in place.

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The Olfa disposable can DC-3 is a durable resealable storage box for quickly breaking down and storing knife tips in 1 movement.

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The Olfa disposable can DC-3 is a storage box for quickly breaking down and storing knife tips. Indispensable for the toolbox or on the go.

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The OLFA Spare Knife RTY-3/DX 60 mm is suitable for the OLFA Rotary Cutter RB60-1.

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The Olfa 9 mm spare chipping blades are suitable for the OLFA 9 MM CHIPPING KNIFE SVR-2 and are packed per 10 pieces.

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The Olfa spare blades 9 mm SAB are suitable for the OLFA 9 MM GRAPHIC BREAKING KNIFE SAC-1 and are packed per 10 pieces.

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