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Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a film used for printing textiles. You cut out the flex foil with a cutter and peel away the excess foil with a peeling knife. Then place the carrier and the foil on the t-shirt and print with a transfer press. After pressing, remove the carrier and apply the foil.

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Experience the unbeatable speed and value of MagiCut 123Flex SubliBloc, include a sublimation resistant multi layer

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MagiCut 123premium Sublibloc has a sublimation resistant multi layer PU film with an excellent opacity with a smooth and soft touch.

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MagiCut 2Print Sublibloc  ensures that the HTV retains its original color on dark 100% polyester fabrics, thanks to the special white blocking layer.

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The Poli-Flex BlockOut Soft is a sublist top flex and has a strong adhesive carrier with which you can plot small and detailed designs on dark polyester clothing.

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The Turbo Print 4010-S Blockout is a printable sublistop HTV for light and dark textiles. Characterized by a strong-adhesive carrier.

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