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Elevate Your Creativity with Our Sublimation Articles Collection. Explore a Wide Range of High-Quality Products Ready for Sublimation Printing. From Apparel to Home Décor, Discover Endless Possibilities to Personalize and Customize. Shop Now and Unleash Your Imagination with Sublimation Articles!

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The wooden photo frame is the ultimate gift for a wedding, anniversary or baby shower gift, including 40 lovely wish hearts.

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The colored baubles in 5 different colors are packed in a gift box of 10 pieces, making it a delightful addition to your Christmas tree.

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Heart-Shaped Sublimation Puzzles for Personalized Printing on Special Occasions such as Weddings, Birthdays, and Valentine's Day.

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Duraglaze® sublimation mugs, rated at the highest quality (AAA), are your best choice for achieving stunning sublimation prints on mugs.

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Duraglaze® sublimation cups, a perfect alternative when a regular mug is too large. Suitable for the most common coffee machines.

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This square wooden puzzle is made to be printed with sublimation. A high-gloss result on wood and extremely strong for years of pleasure.

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The wooden photo frame is illuminated with LED strip and gives a beautiful luxurious look. The aluminum plate can be printed with any name, design or photo.

Christmas ornaments made of HPP material that can be customized, available in various sizes and printable on both sides.

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Enhance Your Christmas Celebration with a Red Santa Hat. Customizable with a White Border for Easy Text or Image Printing.

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Single-walled bottle with screw cap. The bottle has a special coating for sublimation. Carabiner is not suitable for climbing. Capacity is 400 ml. Aluminium.

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TheMagicTouch flip flops looks like the high Brazilian quality, featuring a durable rubber sole and black plastic straps.

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TheMagicTouch slipper-shaped coasters are a fun addition to your table setting, and now they're even more budget-friendly.

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The original durable white photo panels feature a polyester coating for a high-quality, glossy photo finish.

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Duraglaze® sublimation latte mugs, rated at the highest quality (AAA), the best choice for creamy lattes or invigorating cappuccinos.

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Duraglaze® sublimation espresso mugs, rated at the highest quality (AAA), a perfect gift for coffee lovers who appreciate the finer details.

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These sublimation thermos bottles are made of high quality stainless steel for the most beautiful full color and glossy designs.

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These cute stainless steel thermos bottles for children are double-walled and have a lid in the shape of two bear ears.


Personalize these cute lunch boxes for boys and for girls. With enough storage space, there is not only a sandwich, but also space for a piece of fruit.

The metal tins are made of durable metal and are very easy to print with the included white separate insert plates.

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The keepsake box is not only a beautiful wooden box to store all your memories; it's also a photo frame that can be easily personalized.

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A compact way to store photos and made of a high quality plastic. This beautiful photo frame fits into any interior.

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Let your photo shine more than ever on this wooden frame. The white polyester insert provides a beautiful high-gloss print.

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This MDF clock comes complete with movement and the beautiful high-gloss white polyester finish makes the clock easy to print.

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An MDF photo frame with a beautiful high-gloss white polyester finish to print your favorite photo or personal message on.

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