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This special edition of the Ricoh P C301W, is the perfect printer to kickstart your journey into exploring the diverse capabilities of TheMagicTouch transfer papers and stickers. Add the additional paper tray for stack feeding.

The All-in-One Ricoh Ri 100, with its built-in drying unit, prints directly on fabric using state-of-the-art DTG technology. You can easily create custom T-shirts or personalized bags.

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The Ricoh Aficio SG3110 7100dn cartridges are suitable for the SG3110 and 7100dn sublimation printers from Ricoh.

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The original RICOH toner cartridge contribute to high-quality printing, also scratch resistance, and optimal washing results using TheMagicTouch transfer paper.

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The Ricoh RI 100 inserts are employed to tension textiles within the Ri100 printer unit, available in 2 sizes.

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The Ricoh RI 100 Direct to Garment inks are suitable for the Ricoh Ri100 printer, available in 4 colors.

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We raden het gebruik van originele toners om verschillende redenen aan. Toners van onze eigen private labels beïnvloeden de krasbestendigheid, kleurendruk en wassen in combinatie met transferpapier. Het resultaat op textiel en blanco producten heeft dus niet hetzelfde hoogwaardige eindresultaat als bij de originele toners. Volgens de Original Equipment Manufacturers worden eigen private labels vaak...

Ricoh's new generation textile printer, the Ri 1000, expands your business capabilities and prints a wide range of garments and textile products with vivid, soft-touch images. The versatile and productive device uses Ricoh's variable droplet size inkjet technology and CMYK+ white pigment ink to print high-resolution images on light and dark-colored fabrics. The printer is suitable for cotton and polyester, and can be used to personalize T-shirts, tote bags and other items.

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The Ricoh RI 100 insert plate A4 is used for tensioning the textile in the Ri100 printer unit.

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The Ricoh Ri 100 cleaning liquid ensures that the Ri 100 printer unit is kept clean.

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The Ricoh Ri 100 prints directly onto textiles using state-of-the-art DTG technology. With this printer you can easily make a T-shirt or print a personalized bag that a customer can take home on the spot.

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The Ricoh RH100 is a drying unit to allow the ink of the RI100 Print unit to dry quickly and safely.

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The Ricoh RI 100 insert plate A5 is used for tensioning the textile in the Ri100 printer unit.

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The Ricoh Ri 100 ink collection unit captures surplus ink within the Ricoh Ri 100 printer unit.

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The Ricoh Ri100 cleaning tool is designed for maintaining and cleaning the Ricoh RI 100 printer unit

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The Ricoh fan filter is a replacement filter for the Ricoh Ri 100 printer unit and should be replaced when necessary.

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The Ricoh cleaning absorber is a component of the Ricoh Ri100 and should be replaced when indicated by the machine.

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The Ricoh Waste Ink Collector 3110DN is a collection tray for excess ink and should be replaced periodically.

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