TheMagicTouch Software Pro

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TheMagicTouch Software Pro, combined with TheMagicTouch transfer papers and an OKI Pro8432WT, opens up a world of unprecedented possibilities.

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No heat press matches the high pressure of the HTP123pro, thanks to its smart and powerful construction. It's specifically designed for use with transfer paper but is also suitable for all other printing techniques.

TheMagicTouch HT256 Plus offers even more possibilities for printing materials by adding extra high pressure and more space between the press plates.

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TheMagicTouch T.ONE is a single-step transfer used for white and light-colored textiles and the fastest way to print freestanding designs.

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Enhance your textile personalization experience with TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1 - the ultimate single-step transfer paper crafted to effortlessly transform your white textiles and fabrics.

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This White Toner Transfer represents the latest innovation in the transfer paper market. It offers exceptional vibrancy, remarkable durability, and features a transparent film.

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